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I have set up this blog though as a single place where you can come and find the best of the best information about how you can take back control of your health. My name is Rob Paterson. I have been exploring health for many years and write about it a great deal on my personal blog here here –  here.

Why have I done this?

I believe that we stand once again at a point of inflection for human society, where it is imperative that we adopt a new paradigm. I think that this new paradigm is now visible and it is to see ourselves no longer as overlords of a mechanistic world but as intelligent and co-evolved parts of nature who use her rules to our best advantage.

I believe that Food – how we get it and use it – is at the heart of all human cultures and so it is clear to me that a change in our perspective of food is central to this shift.

I believe that just as Luther made it clear that people did not need an institution to stand between them and salvation, so nor do we need institutions to do the most important work before us as humans. This includes our health.

I think that the scientists that you will meet on this site have made the case that the diseases of modern civilization are caused by how we live. And so, if we can understand the best way to live – a way that fits our evolved state – that we can be healthy.

So why me for I am not a scientist myself?

Here is a bit more about me.

  • Background in Breaking through Entrenched Mindsets – Principal Advisor to NPR as they worked through their transition from Broadcasting to Social Media – NPR is now the most adept Media Organization in this transition where many still struggle. Principal Advisor to KETC, the PBS Station in St Louis and the leader in making this transition in Public TV.
  • Background in Human Development – Senior Advisor to Dr Fraser Mustard then President of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research – Role to Communicate the Determinants of Health and the Early Years. The Early Years now informs most education policy across Canada.
  • Background in Aging – Principal Advisor to Veterans Affairs Canada in their Seniors Strategy – Wrote the Core Context papers for the Department that defined the impact and the context of our aging population
  • Background in Health Costs and Drivers – SVP HR for CIBC responsible for Health and Benefits and the 2.0 Billion Total Compensation Budget – where the forces that drove utilization of the healthcare system and their costs were defined and where the bank was able to shift the curve significantly by creating new expectations and new behaviours – a microcosm of that is needed on PEI
  • Background in the Design of Network Organizations and Economic Development – Principal Advisor for the Belvedere Group that evolved into the PEI BioAlliance (Principal Advisor during the design phase for BioAlliance as well) that evolved into the current Innovation Strategy for PEI – Also Principal Network Design Advisor to the Principals of the Discovery Garden
  • Background in coping with major cultural and identity conflict – Principal Cultural and Business Advisor (SVP) to the President of the Investment Bank at CIBC and the new President of Wood Gundy (later the Chairman of CIBC) on the merger between Wood Gundy and CIBC – the most successful merger of its type and fraught with cultural conflict
  • Background in using vision to help launch major novel projects in the federal system that affects PEI – Wrote the Context paper for the Canadian government’s strategy to connect the nation. This resulted in the CAP system and SchoolNet being rolled out via communities all over Canada and where PEI was chosen to be an early pilot.


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What is the Missing Human Manual All About?

Do you want to age well? Most of us do. If you are my age, 60, this is more important a question that if you are 30. But most of us would not wish to have heart disease, cancer, dementia when we get old.

Most of us think it is normal that we will get ill like this.

But science today tells us that this is not "Normal". Our evolutionary past designed us to be active and fit until we drop dead. Why? Because raising human children takes so long. Mature adults had to do most of the hard work enable us to invest up to 25 years in our kids.

We are designed by our evolution to reach a plateau of fitness in mid life. So why do most of us not live like this?

We don't because, we have strayed away from the best way of living that fits our evolution best. Our culture has got too far ahead of our biology. We eat foods that make us ill. We have lost our social identity and power and that makes us ill. And we have lost touch with the circadian rhythms of the Natural World, and that has made us ill too.

We have lost our fit with our true nature.

This site will be a Manual. It will show you what the best fit is. It will show you the science behind this. It will share with you some methods for getting your fit back with your true human nature.

So welcome to the "Missing Human Manual" . I hope that we can help you and I hope that you can help others as a result.

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