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Taking back control of our health

May 9, 2011 Aging, Environment, Resources No Comments


500 years ago, Martin Luther pinned 95 theses to a church door. His message to the world was this. You don’t need a vast and powerful institution between you and God to save your soul.

Today, Michael Rose pins 55 Theses to the door of the web. His message to you is that you don’t need a vast and powerful institution, the health care system, between you and your health.

Luther’s message of hope was that you can work directly with God for your salvation after death. Michael’s message of hope is that you can work directly with nature for your health in life.

You don’t have to pay the Pope – You don’t have to pay all those medical bills.


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This is I think is the begining of a shift where we align humanity with nature and work with her in all parts of our lives.

We align our health to our nature and then hopefuly we align the rest of what we do to her rules. In that way we change ourselves and the world. We change our relationship and our culture.

We do it the easy way. Each of us can start with ourselves.

The good news for you and me, is that I have only been doing this now myself for 7 months and have experienced a complete transformation. Once you work with Nature, she rewards you quickly.

This is no fad. This is not a diet. It is a new context for living.

At the heart of Michael’s vision for health is the power of evolution. He is one of the world’s leading scientists in the field. You don’t have to take anything on faith. All that is here is based on the most rigourous science.

What he reveals to us in the 55 is this:

If you and I live our lives in alignment with our evolutionary heritage, we can mainly be healthy. For in the right environmental context – right diet, right social, right natural we will be healthy. For this is our design. Even better, if we do this, we can halt the inevitable degradation of aging in mid life. For again this is our design.

The decrepitude that we think of as being “normal” as we age. Is mainly an outcome of how we live. Our design is different. We are designed not to be a burden on the tribe but an asset. We are designed to be healthy and active contributors.

So the “Force” is with us. I mean by that The Forces of Natural Selection and not a new age hope.

Dropping dead at an old age while having had a fit and active life until death is part of our natural design! I did not know this before I met Michael.

I did not know know how easy it was going to be to get healthy. I do now. That is why I am working with Michael. I am a “convert” because this works and makes total sense scientifically. I needed both. I needed to experience the power of the ideas for myself and I needed to satisfy my need to root this in science.

My regular readers know the effects that making these changes in my own life have been.

Michael offers no “miracle” that you or I have to take on faith. What he offers is based on science.

The site is a tutorial.

The site is simple in design. It has all 55 Theses in order. Each has a statement. Each has at least one podcast where I act as you – the public asking Michael for help in understanding. Each has a more complete text.

Many of the earlier Theses help you understand the science. Layer by layer they helped me understand forces that I knew nothing about. In bite sized chunks so I could reflect and internalize them.

Then the Theses pick up their pace and show us the choices that we have in our lives. They also show us why the current extablishment is also misguided.

The Theses build like a thriller. I longed for Michael to get to the juicy bits about the practial issues for me and you – he called this “desert”. At 37 we enter this phase of the work and the full import of what this means to you and I and how we live and what we can achieve is revealed. You can go there right away. But I still found it better to build the case for myself.

For what is at stake for you and me here? For me it is my health. I want to be fit and active. I don’t want to depend the system to keep me going. I don’t want to be the average PEI man who at 65 is helpless and who lives as a dependent for another 9.7 years. I don’t the bills. I want the freedom and the choices that being healthy as an older man can bring.

I want to be fit and active and I want to be a contributor. Don’t you as well?

It is not too late either. I am 60 and was well on my way to folow my dad. But within months, I have changed my whole being. You can do this too.

Today we pin the Theses to the door. The work begins from this point. Of course many will want to know – so what do I do now in detail. We will do our best to support you.

We will be starting a Facebook Group where we can all discuss what this means and I am launching a support site next week where you can see more of the science and more resources to help you understand and then take action for yourself.

Good luck and be healthy. I will post a lot about this and I hooe add to your knowledge and asnswer your questions


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What is the Missing Human Manual All About?

Do you want to age well? Most of us do. If you are my age, 60, this is more important a question that if you are 30. But most of us would not wish to have heart disease, cancer, dementia when we get old.

Most of us think it is normal that we will get ill like this.

But science today tells us that this is not "Normal". Our evolutionary past designed us to be active and fit until we drop dead. Why? Because raising human children takes so long. Mature adults had to do most of the hard work enable us to invest up to 25 years in our kids.

We are designed by our evolution to reach a plateau of fitness in mid life. So why do most of us not live like this?

We don't because, we have strayed away from the best way of living that fits our evolution best. Our culture has got too far ahead of our biology. We eat foods that make us ill. We have lost our social identity and power and that makes us ill. And we have lost touch with the circadian rhythms of the Natural World, and that has made us ill too.

We have lost our fit with our true nature.

This site will be a Manual. It will show you what the best fit is. It will show you the science behind this. It will share with you some methods for getting your fit back with your true human nature.

So welcome to the "Missing Human Manual" . I hope that we can help you and I hope that you can help others as a result.

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